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Complete Two-Piece Reusable Balloon Kit

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Finally, A Great New Way to eliminate the cost of helium and short term latex balloons! This reuseable, unique plastic & flexible fiberglass invention allows Reusable Balloons filled with only air to fly at the same height of 30". Think of the money and hassles you will save by eliminating the use of helium and replacing popped or deflated latex balloons.

This kit includes a reuseable inflatible balloon (20 inches in diameter) made out of PVC vinyl and a unique plastic & flexible fiberglass window clip stick 30 inches tall plus an Adapter Clip that firmly holders the Reusable Balloon. The pole & balloon cup are 30" tall. The Balloon Holder attaches to a vehicle's window via a window clip. Window clip and the pole are two separate pieces, allowing the pole to be removed from a vehicle while the window clip remains in place at the top of the rolled up window.

Please note that while this product can be used anytime of the year it is still sensitive to air density. Here are some suggestions to keep your Reusable Balloons looking their best.

In warmer weather make sure that you are only filling up the balloons to about 85%. This will allow the air in the balloon to expand in the heat. If over inflated and put in extreme heat the balloon might burst.

In colder weather air in the Balloons will contract causing the balloon to deflate a little. Filling the balloon all the way might help it stay inflated. Slight deflation does not mean the Balloon is defective. Keeping the Reusable Balloon inflated in a controlled climate (such as an office) is a good way to test the Balloon.

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